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Whatchu young cats kno bout dis??? Some more to add to the collection. Chunes on a Saturday night.

2013 - Phew…let me catch my breath….how did you cram all that in 365 days?? You were way too much to handle at times!! I’m leaving you as I greeted you in January with a cold & a scowl, but that’s nuthing! You showed no mercy with struggles you handed out to me or my loved ones. You were harsh in taking away so many from our lives, some who we never got the chance to say goodbye to. And you left your emotional scars on too many that I care for. I get it… you did what you had to do, blocking out everything else!!

But you didn’t know that from the beginning, as each day passed, I looked for the beauty in you & was grateful for the little things when they came; great music in my ears, cottages, old & new friends to laugh & cry with, concerts, family to fall back on when crunch time came, rendezvous, God’s gift of little ones, & the power in knowing that each time you threw a punch, I could take it like a champ!! No doubt I’m a little battered & bruised but I’m still standing.

So bring it 2014, I ain’t scared!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!! So thankful for all my blessings!

Much love,

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!! So thankful for all my blessings!

Much love,

Love To You My Sweet September.

Always a treat to witness your return after a few months of rest. I love your hustle, love the way you bring it all back with a warmth of a lover’s reunion.

So tender in your touch, knowing that you will welcome the cool breezes and the turned up collars, along with the leftover mugginess and summer dresses. It makes me want you more, want to wrap you up in my favourite blanket and cozy up to the fire.

I have always had a love affair with you September. From your first day, to your eleventh, to your twenty-first, right up until your end. I treasure every moment, every year that you come back to me.

My sweet, sweet September, you have my heart again…welcome. xo

My why is not for you to answer because.

My why is to clearly understand the ways in which I look to you for validation.

You do not define all that I am. You do not even begin to comprehend the layers of complexities that lie within me.

For you to delve into the dark corridors of my being you would need courage.

Nothing ever comes easily and everything worth having is worth working your fingers to the bone for.

But is that good enough? I can’t answer your question.

For mine is to only know why.

Love, Love, Love

"All you need is love is a lie. We had love but we still said goodbye. Now we’re tired, battered fighters."

Wow…not sure about you guys, but I can relate. Although I am the first one to believe in love and spread the love, it’s truly not all you need. There is so much more then love that is required to make a relationship work and last. The lyrics should be more like “All you need is love, respect, honesty, kindness…” And really that list does go on and on.

When you think about it, it’s different kinds of love as well that you need at different times. When you first start out in your relationship you want that “lusting” love and you want to have that “reassuring” love. A few years into it you might need more of the “let me have my space” love and “support me in what I do” love. If you have been with your partner for more than a few years, you’re probably into the “I don’t need to tell you I love you but I do” love. For those of you with kids it’s the “thank you for helping with the kids” love. And when the kids grow up it’s the “tell me you love me” love all over again. So maybe the lyrics should be “All you need is many kinds of love…”

Hey, I’m no expert but I know I need love, I love to love and I love to be loved!!

Much love,

It has been THE worst week…………..but I survived.

Tomorrow we celebrate two beautiful people who deserve all the goodness the world has to offer, especially what is ahead for them! Congratulations my friends!

And then when the evening approaches, four grown women, who have known each other since the days of banana clips, neon clothing and the sounds of New Order, Motley Crue & Neneh Cherry; will convene in a castle by the lake. To share stories, various alcoholic beverages, love gone wrong & right, laughter and true friendship.

My friends, I can honestly say I am blessed. Blessed in so many, many ways!

I hope you too are enjoying life to it’s fullest!

Much, much, love,


the touch of my fingers through you hair

the sweet things I whisper in your ear

I smile as I pull you deeper into me

strong arms to hold you as my heart beats drum on your back

and then you realize that everything’s ok

there could not be a more perfect place than here with you now

We are so consumed with our lives, our jobs, our misery

We let all the small things seep into the crevices

It’s no coincidence that we create these holes

Where, if we’re not careful, we sink deeper & deeper into

But if you’re really lucky you have your own support system

A brick layer, who takes great care in laying the foundation

A carpenter, who crafts and sculpts beautiful solid pieces

A plumber, who makes sure everything is flowing and there are no clogs or cracks

An electrician who is always looking for that spark, the brightness in every situation

And an architect, who lays out the plan & makes sure things are in their place

Any one of these people can help to support, to mend, to plan, to build, to organize

Our actions, our hearts, our travels, our lives and our thoughts

But when time is taken to have all these people in one room 

To share their knowledge without hesitation and without judgement

We can stand firmly on the ground

With no fears of sinking

Just had the best shrimp linguini ever!! MmmmmmmMmmmmmm. Good!